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2020-2021 Workman Elementary Staff Directory

Contact Julia Gavilanes  Julia Gavilanes Principal
Office Administration
Contact Yvette Franco  Yvette Franco Staff
Contact Alice Gabaldon  Alice Gabaldon Office Manager

Teaching Staff

Contact Valerie Anaya  Valerie Anaya SDC Pre K Teacher
Contact Felipe Beltran  Felipe Beltran TK Teacher
Contact Maechelle Brown  Maechelle Brown Grade 6 Teacher
Contact Melanie Chagolla  Melanie Chagolla SDC Teacher
Contact Myrna Fernandez  Myrna Fernandez Grade K Teacher
Contact Leonor Gallegos  Leonor Gallegos TK Teacher
Contact Sylvia Garcia  Sylvia Garcia Grade 3 Teacher
Contact Laura Grodsky  Laura Grodsky 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Pauline Hall  Pauline Hall 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Vanessa Lozano  Vanessa Lozano RSP Teacher
Contact Susana Mendoza  Susana Mendoza Grade K Teacher
Contact Kimberly Metz  Kimberly Metz Grade 1 Teacher
Contact Yazmin Montes  Yazmin Montes Grade 3 Teacher
Contact Christine Perez  Christine Perez Grade 2 Teacher
Contact Marilyn Quintero  Marilyn Quintero 4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Dale Reyes  Dale Reyes 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Brittney Strand  Brittney Strand Grade 1 Teacher

Headstart and State Pre- School Aides

Elida Casados

Cafeteria Staff

Diana Enriquez, Cafeteria Manager

Suley Martinez, Cafeteria Worker

Thelma Martinez, Cafeteria Worker

Custodial Staff

Edmundo Ayala


Duty Aides

Socorro Lira

Mary Urenda

Poxy Moran

Annette Jerez

Margarita Urenda


Special Education Instructional Aides

Nancy Gomez  Pre-K SDC Instructional Aide (Room 2)

Charlene Jaramillo, SDC Instructional Aide (Room 8)